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Sep 17, 2021
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Need some advice from employment lawyers. I was going to come into the home office for a board meeting. Was gonna get a seat on the corporate jet and there is a pretty good boondoggle after the meeting I was excited to go to. Well I had diarrhea a few days ago after eating way too many potatoes. Since this a possible COVID symptom, I entered into our tracking website and took a rapid test per protocol. The test came back negative. I am vaxxed, have the sticker, and feel fine. But office is telling me to stay home and not allowing me to attend. This seems weird. What should I do? Do I have any litigation options for the lost value of the private jet/entertainment after the meeting? PS - I typically work remote and feel this might be an effort to discriminate against me as a WFH employee. Is this a protected class? Thanks!
Sep 16, 2021
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35 married white male (Jewish lawyer wife, pretty hot, will post R rated pics) In house lolyer (work 5ish hours a day) 200k + salary plus wise investor (crypto/$PLTR) live in shitwest (700k house) no car (work remote) 7 inch dick 5’8” traveled to Europe 3-4x per year go to Vegas 3x per year (no hookers, lose money every time) 10 handicap host poker game (wife serves drinks) normal BMI, had covid 0 mental illness


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