Is she even really a lawyer?

People are constantly asking me if there is somewhere on the internet where they can watch court proceedings or filmed court hearings. I realize that people would want to watch these for two reasons - either (1) they are legitimately intrigued about my work and want to learn more or (2) they don't think that I'm actually a real practicing attorney (since I am also very active on social media). Well I am happy to report that I am a real lawyer, who actually practices law. And I am happy to finally share some of the links to prior oral arguments.

There are two types of court proceedings that I get involved in. Oral arguments, which are at the links below, are what takes place during a direct appeal of a case. After all the written pleadings are submitted, an attorney can request oral argument. The argument takes place in front of three judges, where the judges can inquire and ask questions about the case before they later make their decision. All of these proceedings are recorded and available to the public online, as well as saved in archives (which is how I can share them here). The second type of proceeding that I do in court is motion for postconviction relief hearings. These are in the trial court and are not video recorded, so unfortunately I cannot share these. In my opinion, those proceedings are more entertaining because there are witnesses and evidence involved, and as you've heard me mention, I get to cross-examine other attorneys.

I am going to share the links to the YouTube videos below. These are only some of the ones that are available with cases ranging from 2015 through the present. These arguments are available to the public, but they are still linked to the court. As a result, I am respectfully asking that if you watch them, you do not engage with the videos or leave comments. At the end of the day, this is still my career and I want to be able to share additional things with you all. Eventually, I would like to do follow up videos on each of the clients below because I know y'all will have a million questions!

PS - first official "VLOG" is coming soon, so stay tuned! xoxo - Rach

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