Are professional photos worth it?

I have been working at my law firm for almost 8 years and I have only had professional photos taken two times, both by someone who works with us, for purposes of our firms website and a packet that we send out to inmates in Florida Department of Corrections. So the pictures were not glamorous by any definition, and were supposed to be dull and boring - which I thought was the meaning of "professional photos." A few months ago, I was messaged by a local photographer who had seen me on social media and asked if she could come to Tampa and take some pictures for me. At first, I was not super inclined because again, I am not a dull or boring person - which is what I thought the photos would ultimately be. But my gut (and my husband) told me to give it a shot, and I can say it was the best decision I have made in a long time.

Taylor drove to Tampa, along with her awesome wife, and met me in Ybor City last week. She had done tons of research on the perfect place to take pictures, and the time of day that would be best. I was extremely nervous because low-key I am an AWKWARD human being when it comes to getting pictures taken. But she made me feel more comfortable than I thought I could. Within three days, she had sent me so many beautiful pictures and I am already scheduling another session with her. So - moral of the story - professional photos are totally worth it. Schedule them. If you're in central Florida - look up Taylor at

I mean, how can you disagree?

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